Landlord Must Provide Freight Elevator Service in Former Loft Building

February 26, 2018
LVT Number: #28242

Rent-stabilized tenants complained of a reduction in building-wide services based on defects in elevator service. The DRA ruled for tenants and reduced their rents, finding that landlord had removed/discontinued elevator service. Landlord appealed and lost. Landlord claimed that the DRA didn't specify the elevator condition for which rents were reduced. Tenants had complained of a reduction in freight and occasional passenger elevator service. Landlord pointed out that the building was a former interim multiple dwelling (IMD) and by Loft Board Order dated Aug.

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6 Greene Realty Owner LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. EX410006RO (11/17/17) [6-pg. doc.]