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Landlord Fined for Converting Two-Family Dwelling to Four-Family

Xu: ECB App. No. 1701094 (12/14/17) [1-pg. doc.]

New Landlord Cleared Unsafe Property Without Knowledge of Stop-Work Order

Arcabascio: ECB App. No. 1701103 (12/14/17) [3-pg. doc.]

Landlord Didn't File Backflow Prevention Device Test Reports

Zheng: ECB App. No. 1701117 (12/14/17) [3-pg. doc.]

Tenant Sold Drugs from His Apartment

W. Haverstraw Pres. LP v. Diaz: Index No. 2016-34ROC; NYLJ No. 1517016618 (App. T. 2 Dept.; 1/18/18; Marano, PJ, Brands, Ruderman, JJ)

Trial Needed to Determine If Pet Waiver Applied

Silverleaf LP v. Matthew: 2018 NY Slip Op 50065(U), Index No. 36766/2017 (Civ. Ct. Bronx; 1/19/18; Lutwak, J)

Landlord Couldn't Prove It Sent Section 8 Tenant All Required Notices

Lower E. Side II Assocs. v. Aaron: 2017 NY Slip Op 51970(U), Index No. CV-002399-13 (Civ. Ct. NY; 12/19/17; Ramseur, J)

Granddaughter Gets Tenant's Apartment

Concord Seaside LP v. Johnson: Index No. 50639/16, NYLJ, 1/24/18, p. 21, col. 2 (Civ. Ct. Richmond; 1/8/18; Mundy, J)

Landlord Can't Use the Same "Golub" Notice for Second Eviction Case

Cambridge Leasing Prop. v. Ortega: Index No. 66360/17, NYLJ 1/24/18, p. 21, col. 1 (Civ. Ct. Queens; 1/10/18; Kullas, J)

Landlord Didn't Show Any Section 8 Subsidy Fraud by Tenant

1507 Johns LLC v. Hernandez: Index No. 65494/17, NYLJ No. 1516311567 (Civ. Ct. Kings; 12/22/17; Ofshtein, J)

Tenant Getting Enhanced Voucher Assistance Entitled to Renewal Lease

385 Bayview LLC v. Warren: 2017 NY Slip Op 27429, NYLJ No. 1516266628 (App. T. 2 Dept.; 12/28/17; Marano, PJ, Garguilo, Ruderman, JJ)
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