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Tenants Entitled to Pretrial Questioning of Landlord

Free Park Associates v. Cepeda: 2017 NY Slip Op 27002, 2017 WL 122834 (Dist. Ct. Nassau; 1/12/17; Fairgrieve, J)

NYCHA Reasonably Sought to Accommodate Tenant's Fear of Apartment Entry

KJ v. NYCHA: 2017 NY Slip Op 00564, 2017 WL 366219 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/26/17; Friedman, JP, RIchter, Saxe, Moskowitz, Kapnick, JJ)

Tenant's Lease Mistakenly Changed Combined Apartments from Rent-Controlled to Stabilized

204 Columbia Heights, LLC v. Manheim: 2017 NY Slip Op 00425, 2017 WL 213589 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/19/17; Tom, JP, Renwick, Manzanet-Daniels, Gische, Webber, JJ)

Landlord Co-op Can Evict Deceased Tenant Shareholder's Daughter

Fountains--Clove Road Apartments, Inc. v. Gunther: 2017 NY Slip Op. 27005, 2017 WL 125852 (App. T. 2 Dept.; 1/6/17; Aliotta, JP, Pesce, Solomon, JJ)

Termination Notice Didn't State That Tenant Didn't Cure Defaults

31-67 Astoria Corp. v. Landaira: 54 Misc.3d 131(A), 2017 NY Slip Op 50034(U) (App. T. 2 Dept.; 1/5/17; Pesce, PJ, Solomon, Elliot, JJ)

Partial Use of Multiple Dwelling as Transient Hotel Violated C of O

Terrilee 97th Street LLC v. NYC ECB: 2017 NY Slip Op 00594, 2017 WL 401352 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/31/17; Mazzarelli, JP, Manzanet-Daniels, Feinman, Webber, Gesmer, JJ)

Landlord Must Pay Tenant Stipends and Relocation Costs

128 Hester LLC v. DHCR: 2017 NY Slip Op 00581, 2017 WL 401441 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/31/17; Richter, JP, Andrias, Saxe, Gesmer, JJ)

DHCR Must Reconsider Landlord's MCI Increase Application

Broadway Bretton, Inc. v. DHCR: 2017 NY Slip Op 00004, 2017 WL 21701 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/3/17; Friedman, JP, Sweeny, Saxe, Kapnick, JJ)

Did Missing Handrails in Building Staircase Cause Tenant’s Fall?

Lee v. Alma Realty Corp.: 44 N.Y.S.3d 440, 2017 N.Y. Slip Op. 00101 (App. Div. 1 Dept.; 1/10/17; Tom, JP, Richter, Saxe, Gische, Gesmer, JJ)

Landlord Didn't Prove Good Faith Intent

Feria v. Johnson, 54 Misc.3d 131(A), 2017 NY Slip Op 50032(U) (App. T. 2 Dept.; 1/5/17; Pesce, PJ, SOlomon, Elliot, JJ)
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