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Each month Landlord v. Tenant provides approximately 60 summaries of recent landlord-tenant court cases and agency decisions. Landlord v. Tenant covers more than a dozen courts and agencies, including the NYC Civil Court, NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), NYC Environmental Control Board, and many more. Now available online, Landlord v. Tenant takes readers through each dispute, streamlining research and arming landlords with the legal ammunition they need, quickly and easily.

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Landlord's Notices Didn't Comply with HUD Procedures

Remeeder Houses LP v. Myrick: Index No. 072387/2018, NYLJ No. 072387/2018 (Civ. Ct. Kings; 3/8/19; Sikowitz, J)

Judgment for Landlord Vacated Where Occupant Showed Mental Illness After Trial

Cabrini Blockfront LLC v. Norat: Index No. 58674/17, NYLJ No. 1554878771 (Civ. Ct. NY; 3/26/19; Schneider, J)

Appeals Court Affirms $102,000 Rent Overcharge Award to Tenant

E. 17th LLC v. McCusker: Index No. 570796/17, NYLJ No. 1554533613 (App. T. 1 Dept.; 4/5/19; Lowe III, PJ, Schoenfeld, Shulman, JJ)

Tenant Can't Prove Dog Was Emotional Support Animal

Westchester Gardens LP v. Vargas: Index No. 007454/18, NYLJ No. 1554785288 (Civ. Ct. Bronx; 3/5/19; Weissman, J)

Occupant's Immigration Status Doesn't Bar Succession Rights Claim

Tres Reslty LLC v. Yu: 2019 NY Slip Op 29088, NYLJ No. 1528381354 (App. T. 1 Dept.; 4/2/19; Shulman, PJ, Gonzalez, Cooper, JJ)

Landlord Didn't Serve Timely Lease Nonrenewal Notice

Bedford Oak LLC v. Hernandez: Index No. 034681, NYLJ No. 1554275942 (Civ. Ct. Bronx; 3/14/19; Weissman, J)

Renewal Lease Binding Even Though Landlord Separately Sent Nonrenewal Notice

1500 Grand Concourse Owners v. Martinez: Index No. 72595/2017, NYLJ No. 1554177586 (Civ. Ct. Bronx; 3/4/19; Lach, J)

Rent Demand Omitted Periods for Which Additional Rent Was Sought

Rochdale Village Inc. v. Sterling: Index No. LT-50137/19, NYLJ No. 1554116600 (Civ. Ct. Queens; 3/21/19; Guthrie, J)

No Overcharge Collected from Tenant of Improperly Deregulated Apartment

Goldfeder v. Cenpark Realty: Index No. 155687/16, NYLJ No. 1555898403 (Sup. Ct. NY; 4/5/19; Kennedy, J)

Rent Frozen Until Landlord Files Missing Annual Rent Registrations

K&T Realty Associates LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. GP410016RO (3/14/19) [3-pg. doc.]