Abbreviation Key

New York Landlord v. Tenant uses the following abbreviations for various New York courts, agencies, legal publications, and technical terms:

Abbreviation Description
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
App. Div. Appellate Division, Supreme Court (appeals)
App. T. Appellate Term, Supreme Court (appeals)
Civ. Ct. NYC Civil Court (trials)
Ct. App. NYS Court of Appeals (highest court in state)
DEP NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection
DHCR NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal
DOB NYC Dept. of Buildings
DOF NYC Dept. of Finance
DOHMH NYC Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene
DOS NYC Dept. of Sanitation
DRA DHCR District Rent Administrator
DSS NYC Dept. of Social Services
DTF NYS Dept. of Taxation & Finance
ECB NYC Environmental Control Board
ETPA Emergency Tenant Protection Act
HPD NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development
MBR Maximum Base Rent
MCI Major Capital Improvement
MCR Maximum Collectible Rent
NYCHA NYC Housing Authority
NYLJ New York Law Journal
NYS2d New York Supplement, 2nd Series, legal reporter
PAR Petition for Administrative Review
SRO Single Room Occupancy
Sup. Ct. NYS Supreme Court (trials)