Condo Unit Owner Can't Sue for Harassment Under Housing Maintenance Code

June 27, 2022    

A condominium unit owner who lived in the unit sued the condo association in an HP housing court proceeding that claimed violations of the Housing Maintenance Code. The unit owner claimed harassment and conditions...

Landlord Who Removed Terrace Screen in Apartment Harassed Tenant

June 14, 2022    

Tenant brought an HP proceeding in housing court, claiming that landlord had harassed her. She also asked for a restraining order and restoration of a terrace screen outside her apartment. She claimed that landlord...

Appeals Court Reinstates Tenants' Claims of Harassment and Assault by Landlord

April 26, 2022    

Tenants appealed a court's denial [see LVT #31340] of their claims against landlord for...

Landlord Harassed Tenant Through Groundless Eviction Proceedings

April 26, 2022    

Tenant sued landlord and HPD in an HP proceeding, seeking an order to correct violations and a finding of harassment by the landlord. The trial court ruled in tenant's favor.

Court Dismisses Tenant's Harassment Claim Against Landlord

April 25, 2022    

Rent-stabilized tenant commenced an HP proceeding against landlord in housing court. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the tenant's harassment claim without trial. The actions tenant complained about in his...

Tenants Can Pursue Harassment Claim Against Landlord

April 25, 2022    

Fifteen tenants in a building claimed rent overcharge and sued landlord for damages based on violations of General Business Law Section 349 concerning deceptive business practices. Landlord asked the court to dismiss...

HPD Has No Standing Under HMC to Sue Landlord for Harassment

April 25, 2022    

HPD sued landlord, seeking correction of Housing Maintenance Code (HMC) violations at landlord's building. The claimed violations included harassment of tenants. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the harassment...

Landlord Not Responsible for Harassment Claimed Between Tenant-Roommates

April 25, 2022    

Tenants sued their roommate-cotenants as well as their landlord in an HP proceeding commenced in housing court. They shared the first-floor apartment in a two-family house with the roommates. The court noted that the...

SRO Tenants Get Preliminary Injunction Against Landlord's Use of Video Cameras Inside Building

March 28, 2022    

Rent-stabilized tenants in a single-room occupancy (SRO) brownstone building collectively shared access to the building's kitchen, bathrooms, living area, and backyard. Landlord bought the building in 2015 and in...

Appeals Court Reinstates Tenants' Dismissed Harassment Claim

March 28, 2022    

Tenants sued landlord, claiming harassment, nuisance, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The court granted landlord's request to dismiss the case without trial. Tenants appealed, and the case was...

Court Properly Awarded Damages Based on Landlord's Harassment of Tenants

February 14, 2022    

Tenants sued landlord in an HP enforcement proceeding, claiming harassment. The trial court ruled for tenants. Landlord appealed and lost. There was ample testimonial and documentary proof supporting the court's...

Court Awards Tenant Damages and HPD Fines for Landlord's Harassment

January 26, 2022    

Tenants sued landlord in an HP proceeding, claiming harassment and seeking an order to correct repairs. Tenants claimed that landlord withheld essential services. The court ruled for tenants, in part, noting that...