Landlord Improperly Sought Eviction of Section 8 Tenant

November 29, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant for violating a substantial obligation of his tenancy. Landlord claimed that tenant failed to maintain his Section 8 voucher after uncorrected hazardous conditions in...

Landlord Can't Sue to Evict Super's Roommate Without Also Adding Super to Case

November 29, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict a licensee occupant, who lived in one bedroom of the building super's basement apartment. The occupant had lived there over 10 years in a room that the super rented to him. The occupant...

Landlord Didn't Disclose Tenant's Mental Health Status

November 29, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for creating a nuisance by a continuing course of objectionable conduct. On the first court date, landlord and tenant signed a settlement agreement putting tenant on probation for a year...

No Landlord-Tenant Relationship Between Sisters

November 29, 2017    

A woman sued to evict her sister, claiming the sister was a licensee and no longer had permission to remain in the apartment. The court dismissed the case, and the woman sought to reinstate it. The woman pointed out...

Suspension of Tenant's Subsidy Due to Apartment Conditions Wasn't Grounds for Eviction

November 29, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized, voucher-based Section 8 tenant for violating her lease. Landlord claimed that tenant caused apartment conditions that resulted in violations and termination of her Section 8...

Landlord Can Evict Low-Income Housing Tenant Who Didn't Report Income

November 27, 2017    

(Decision submitted by William J. Neville of the Manhattan law firm of Mitofsky Shapiro Neville & Hazen LLP, attorneys for the landlord.)

Appeals Court Reverses Order to Restore Tenant to Possession

November 20, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict unregulated tenant for nonpayment of rent. The parties signed a settlement agreement in court. Tenant agreed to pay the $8,000 rent arrears by a certain date or be evicted. Tenant was later...

Landlord Illegally Locked Tenant's Wife Out of Apartment

October 28, 2017    

Rent-stabilized tenant's wife sued landlord, claiming that she was illegally locked out of tenant's apartment. The court ruled for the wife and ordered landlord to restore her to possession. Landlord appealed...

Condo Tenant Illegally Locked Out Is Restored to Possession

September 28, 2017    

Condominium tenant sued landlord, seeking restoration to possession and claiming illegal lockout. Tenant left the apartment one morning, later came back, and found the locks changed and other people occupying the...

Court Reasonably Refused to Give Tenant Postjudgment Cure Period

September 24, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant, claiming that tenant refused landlord access to inspect and perform repairs that tenant claimed were needed in the apartment. Landlord showed that, in a prior eviction...

Garage Space Eviction Case Dismissed for Failure to Identify Space

August 29, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict residential tenant from a parking space in the building's garage. Landlord claimed that tenant didn't have a valid lease for the space. But landlord didn't describe which space...

Eviction Case Against Tenant for Illegal Trade Dismissed as Untimely

August 25, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for illegal trade due to tenant's arrest for trafficking in marijuana. Landlord also claimed that tenant violated a lease clause prohibiting unlawful purposes. The court granted...

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