Landlord's Gas Piping Work Didn't Qualify as MCI

LVT Number: #27706

Landlord applied for MCI rent hikes based on a gas line installation. The DRA ruled against landlord, who appealed and lost. Only two of the building's six apartments had gas stoves and received new gas piping. The remaining apartments had electric stoves. Landlord's contract indicated that the gas piping was installed for a boiler and one clothes dryer. But landlord indicated that there was no laundry room or dryer at the building for general use by tenants, and no gas dryers. So the DRA correctly found there was no building-wide work done to benefit all tenants.

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116 West 81st Street LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. AQ410020RO (3/2/17) [2-pg. doc.]