Did Removal of Rain Mat Cause Slip-and-Fall on Stairs?

December 21, 2020    

Tenant sued landlord for negligence after she slipped and fell on marble steps leading to the building's vestibule. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the case without trial, claiming that it neither created nor...

New Trial Needed on Tenant's Slip-and-Fall Injury

December 21, 2020    

Tenant sued the City of New York and landlord Allen Affordable HDFC for damages resulting from personal injuries. Tenant slipped and fell on the wet interior stairs of the three-story apartment building. At the time...

Landlord Not Responsible for Super's Abuse of Tenants' Child

December 14, 2020    

Tenants sued landlord and the building's management company for negligence after the building super molested their child. They claimed that hiring the super, who was a registered sex offender, was negligent....

Veterans' Organization Not Responsible for Attack on Client-Tenant by Co-Tenant

December 14, 2020    

Family members of a deceased tenant sued a community-based veterans' organization for negligence after the apartment co-tenant attacked tenant in the apartment. The tenant later died. Both tenants were clients of...

Landlord Not Responsible for Armed Robbery of Tenant

December 7, 2020    

Tenant sued landlord for damages based on property loss and personal injury after the tenant of another building apartment and three others entered tenant's apartment through tenant's terrace door and robbed...

Landlord Responsible for Tenant's Slip and Fall on Wet Staircase

November 22, 2020    

Tenant sued landlord for negligence and sought damages for personal injuries she claimed she suffered after slipping and falling while walking down an interior staircase in her apartment building. Tenant claimed that...

Tenants Can Sue Landlord for Negligence Based on Porter's Actions

November 17, 2020    

Tenants sued landlord because they claimed that landlord's building porter made a false report to NYC's Child Protective Services (CPS). Tenants made a number of legal claims against landlord. The court...

Was Landlord Responsible for Sexual Assault by Doorman?

October 27, 2020    

Subtenant, who rented an apartment from a condo unit owner, sued the condominium corporation, building management, and the unit owner after one of the building's doormen sexually assaulted her. After conducting...

Tenant's Request for Court Ruling Without Trial Was Untimely

October 27, 2020    

Tenant sued landlord for negligence based on injuries she claimed she suffered when the bathroom ceiling in her apartment collapsed; struck her on the neck, back, and shoulder; and knocked her to the ground. Tenant...

Landlord Not Responsible for Bite by Dog Owned by Tenant's Guest

October 27, 2020    

Tenant sued landlord and others after a dog bit her infant child while inside another tenant's apartment. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the case without trial. The court ruled against landlord, finding that...

Was Landlord Responsible for Attack on Tenant's Guest?

September 28, 2020    

Tenant's guest sued landlord for negligence after he was shot as he left the building by an outside attacker. He claimed that the main entrance building locks were never locked because the locks were broken. The...

Was Tenant's Death in Fire Caused by Landlord's Negligence?

August 18, 2020    

The estate of a 71-year-old deceased tenant sued landlord, claiming the wrongful death of tenant occurred due to landlord's negligence and breach of the warranty of habitability.