Wrongful Death Claim Against NYCHA by Police Officer's Family Was Untimely

November 24, 2022    

In 2014, police officer Guerra entered a NYCHA building after observing smoke coming from the 13th floor. Officer Guerra and his partner were soon overcome by smoke and collapsed. Firefighters rescued them and took...

Landlord Not Responsible for Deceased Tenant's Slip-and-Fall During Storm

November 23, 2022    

Tenant's estate sued landlord for negligence after tenant slipped and fell from an outdoor step that was covered in snow and ice. The tenant died as a result of the fall. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the...

Tenant Claims Landlord Responsible for Assault by Doorman

October 25, 2022    

Tenant sued landlord and its building doorman, claiming assault and battery after two alleged incidents. Tenant said that, while he filmed the doorman on his phone, the doorman took a metal instrument out of his...

Estate of Tenant Killed in Building Fire Sues NYCHA for Wrongful Death

October 25, 2022    

The estate administrator of a couple sued landlord NYCHA for personal injury and wrongful death after the couple died due to injuries suffered in an apartment building fire. NYCHA asked the court to dismiss the...

Landlord Let Unauthorized Visitor Up to Tenants' Apartment

September 27, 2022    

Tenants sued landlord for negligence after one of them was attacked by a visitor whom tenants had asked landlord not to admit into the building because he had threatened them.

Landlord Not Responsible for Injuries to Passerby by Tenant's Dog

August 25, 2022    

An 88-year-old man who was walking outside of landlord's building sued landlord after he fell over and was injured as a result of a tenant’s dog running out of the building and jumping on him. The man...

Was Out-of-Possession Landlord Responsible for Injuries on Building Ramp?

August 24, 2022    

An individual sued landlord for negligence after he slipped and fell due to a claimed unreasonable accumulation of moss, algae, or other plant growth on an exterior ramp at the apartment building landlord owned....

Occupant's Estate Sues Landlord and Its Security for Wrongful Death After Shooting

July 21, 2022    

The estate of a deceased apartment occupant sued landlord and its building security provider for wrongful death after the occupant was shot to death by attackers in 2014 on the 17th floor of landlord's apartment...

Landlord Not Responsible for Trip-and-Fall on Cardboard Box

June 27, 2022    

A pedestrian sued landlord NYCHA after falling over a cardboard box near the walkway of landlord's building. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the case, claiming that it followed a reasonable cleaning routine...

Landlord Not Responsible for Her Son's Attack on Tenant's Boyfriend

June 16, 2022    

Tenant's boyfriend was injured during an altercation with tenant's brother that occurred on the stairway outside tenant's apartment. The boyfriend then sued landlord, who lived in the building's...

Tenant Sues Landlord After Chemicals Discharged from Air Conditioner

June 16, 2022    

Tenant sued landlord, along with its contractor that did certain pointing and brick replacement work on the building exterior, to recover damages for personal injuries. She was injured one day in March 2013 when...

Tenant's Housekeeper Claims Landlord Responsible for Trip-and-Fall from Elevator

May 25, 2022    

Tenant's housekeeper sued landlord and elevator company, claiming that she suffered injuries due to a misleveled elevator. The housekeeper alleged that, as she walked out of the elevator in the building, her foot...