Rent-Stabilized Apartment Incorrectly Identified as Co-op Unit

LVT Number: #30188

Landlord sued to evict tenant and claimed that tenant's apartment wasn't rent stabilized because it was a cooperative unit. The court ruled against landlord and dismissed the case. Tenant showed that the apartment wasn't owned as a co-op and wasn't part of landlord's conversion plan from Mitchell-Lama housing to a market rate co-op. Landlord's plan didn't show shares allocated to tenant's apartment before the dissolution or after the conversion. And the plan didn't reserve the right to allocate shares in the future.

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Harway Terrace Inc. v. Petropiento: Index No. 62091/18, NYLJ No. 1557737567 (Civ. Ct. Kings; 4/26/19; Gonzales, J)