Appeals Court Upholds Adoption of ETPA in Village of Ossining

May 23, 2024    
The Village of Ossining in Westchester County adopted rent-stabilization coverage under the ETPA  on Sept. 5, 2018, after conducting a vacancy study of available rental housing units in the village and...

Ejectment Action Dismissed for Incorrectly Claiming Apartment Wasn't Rent Stabilized

April 26, 2024    

Landlord sued to eject tenant from an apartment, and sought a declaratory judgment that the apartment wasn't rent stabilized. Tenant was a nonprofit organization that sublet units to provide supportive housing....

421-a Building Tenant Never Received Lease Rider Notification of Status

April 26, 2024    

Landlord sued to evict tenant and claimed that the apartment was unregulated. Tenant argued that she was subject to rent stabilization and asked the court to dismiss the case without trial. The court ruled for tenant...

Appeals Court Upholds Kingston's Adoption of ETPA

April 25, 2024    

A group of owners of buildings that became subject to rent stabilization under the City of Kingston’s August 2022 adoption of the ETPA filed a challenge to the city’s actions, arguing that the vacancy...

Landlord's SRO Building Was Subject to Rent Stabilization

April 22, 2024    

In 2022, landlord asked the DHCR for a ruling that its building was exempt from rent regulation because the apartments were used exclusively for charitable purposes on a nonprofit basis. The DRA ruled against...

Tenant Didn't Receive All Required 421-a Lease Riders

April 22, 2024    

Tenant complained that landlord failed to offer her a valid rent-stabilized renewal lease. Landlord claimed that the apartment was no longer subject to rent stabilization because 421-a tax benefits received for the...

Tenants in Occupancy During J-51 Benefit Period Didn't Receive J-51 Lease Riders

March 25, 2024    

Landlord applied to the DHCR for a determination that its building was exempt from rent stabilization due to substantial rehabilitation of the property in 1989. The DRA ruled for landlord since the sub rehab took...

Sixth Apartment Was Added to Old Four-Unit Pre-War Building

March 15, 2024    

A tenant filed an application with the DHCR, seeking an administrative determination that the building he lived in was subject to rent stabilization. He said that the building was built before 1974, contained at...

Apartment Became Rent Stabilized After 10-Year Temporary Exemption

February 23, 2024    

Tenant complained to the DHCR in 2018 of rent overcharge and improper deregulation of her apartment. The DRA ruled against tenant, finding that the unit was deregulated in 2009, which was prior to the 2014 base rent...

Addition of Fifth and Sixth Apartments After 1974 Made Building Subject to Rent Stabilization

February 20, 2024    

Tenant asked the DHCR for a ruling on her regulatory status, claiming that she was subject to rent stabilization. The DRA ruled for tenant and set her legal regulated rent at $1,190.

Landlord Didn't Prove Apartment Was Vacancy Deregulated

January 25, 2024    

Tenant asked the DHCR for a ruling on the regulatory status of his apartment, as well as the legal rent. Landlord claimed that the unit was properly deregulated based on high-rent vacancy in 2011 when an exit...

Tenant's Apartment Not Subject to Deregulation When J-51 Tax Benefits Expired

December 20, 2023    

Landlord sued tenant in State Supreme Court after sending tenant a termination notice before her one-year lease ended. Landlord claimed that tenant failed to vacate the apartment and sought to recover damages for...