Pointing and Waterproofing Was Sufficient for Rent Hike

LVT Number: #24492

The DRA granted landlord's MCI rent increase application for masonry/pointing/parapet installation, but denied any increase for the new roof installation, chimney repairs, bulkhead/skylight renovations, structural steel, water tank shoring, and certain fees. Tenants appealed and lost. They claimed that the masonry/pointing/parapet work wasn't comprehensive because work was done on only two floors on only two sides of the building. But it's DHCR policy that the work qualifies where done as necessary on exposed sides of the building. Landlord's work covered more than mere spot patching to repair current leaks or trouble spots. Landlord submitted a diagram and architect's statement that all exposed sides of the building were examined before the pointing and waterproofing were performed.  

155 Wooster Street: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. VH410054RO (10/4/12) [6-pg. doc.]


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