MCI Increase Reduced Temporarily by J-51 Offset

LVT Number: #24489

Tenant appealed an order by the DRA, which temporarily reduced the monthly amount of a previously granted MCI rent hike based on the fact that landlord also received a J-51 tax abatement relating to the MCI. Tenant claimed that the DHCR should also have granted offsets against other previously issued MCI rent hikes for which landlord may have received J-51 tax abatements. The DHCR ruled against tenant. Tax abatement orders are issued solely to offset the MCI increase that was granted for a specific improvement that also was the subject of a tax abatement. The DHCR can't consider issues relating to other MCI orders unrelated to this improvement.

47-21 41st Street: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. YG130035RT (10/24/12) [2-pg. doc.]


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