Landlord Fined $800 for Installing Canopy and Awning Without DOB Permits

LVT Number: #30225

DOB issued a violation notice to landlord for work without a permit based on a canopy and awning installed in front of the building. Landlord claimed that it had obtained two DOT canopy permits for the location valid through October 2017 and a DOB work permit issued in July 2000 to erect a non-illuminated awning that had expired in May 2001. DOB noted that its permit had expired and that, in addition to the DOT permits, landlord also needed a DOB permit to erect the canopy. The ALJ fined landlord $800. Landlord appealed and lost.

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DOB v. Radder: ECB App. No. 1900226 (5/2/19) [1-pg. doc.]