Apartment Owner Didn't Control Security Service

LVT Number: #24487

Landlord, who was the lessee-shareholder of several cooperative apartments occupied by rent-stabilized tenants, asked the DHCR for permission to permanently remove security guard service at the building. The DRA ruled for landlord but later revoked the granted permission and reinstated a rent reduction order for the removed security guard service. Landlord appealed and won.  Landlord didn't control the building's security service. The cooperative corporation that owned the building had fired the security guard and didn't intend to rehire anyone to provide that service. The DHCR therefore granted landlord permission to discontinue the security guard service with a permanent rent reduction of $6 per apartment per month effective April 1, 2007. The previously ordered rent reduction also was eliminated.

2400 E. 3rd Street: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. UL210050RO (10/25/12) [3-pg. doc.]


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