Boolean Search Explanation

Boolean Search Help

To filter search results you may use the boolean OR, AND, and NOT operators to broaden or narrow your search results.  The operators must be capitalized.  The explanation for each can be explained as follows, using 2 example terms of "rent" and "apartment" as a hypothetical search:

1) rent OR apartment

  • This search finds articles that discuss either rent or apartment.
  • OR always broadens a search.

2) rent AND apartment

  • This search finds articles that contain rent and apartment (not necessarily together as one term however, see using double quotes below).
  • AND always narrows a search.

3) rent NOT apartment

  • This search finds articles that are exclusively about rent. 
  • NOT always excludes records with the specified term

Using Double Quotes To Combine Terms

To combine mutliple terms use double quotes "" to treat multiple words as one search term.  

Ex: to search for: rent control as one term, use "rent control".