No ERAP Stay Applies in Eviction Proceeding Based on Tenant Nuisance

March 27, 2023    

Landlord terminated tenant's tenancy in May 2022 based on claimed illegal, objectionable, and nuisance conduct due to trading or selling drugs and stolen goods, permitting people access to the building for such...

Co-op Board Can Terminate Shareholder Tenancy Based on Objectionable Conduct

February 23, 2023    

Shareholder tenant sued landlord cooperative corporation and asked the court to set aside and declare void and unenforceable notices of termination of her proprietary lease that were issued by landlord in 2021 as...

Nuisance Claim Dismissed for Lack of Proof Against Tenant

October 25, 2022    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for creating or permitting a nuisance in her apartment. At trial, landlord's managing agent testified that small groups of people assumed to be tenant's guests smoked, drank,...

Landlord's Termination Notice on Unregulated Tenant Didn't Comply with RPL Section 226-c

August 24, 2022    

(Decision submitted by John Bart of DC 37 Municipal Employees Legal Services, who represented the tenant.)


Landlord Gets Interim Order Against Tenant to Clear Collyer Conditions

June 14, 2022    

Landlord sued to eject rent-stabilized tenant based on claimed "Collyer" conditions in tenant's apartment. While the case was pending, landlord brought an order to show cause asking the court to order...

Court Extends Probationary Period for Tenant Who Didn't Clear Clutter

April 26, 2022    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant for breaching his lease by creating cluttered conditions in his apartment. Landlord claimed that tenant created a fire hazard due to garbage, debris, other unsanitary...

Landlord's Description of Tenant's Objectionable Conduct in Predicate Notices Was Sufficient

April 26, 2022    

Landlord of Mitchell-Lama cooperative housing sued to evict tenant  based on objectionable conduct. Landlord claimed that tenant allowed loud screaming, yelling, and amplified music to emanate from his apartment...

Tenant Can't Claim Breach of a Prior, Unrelated Court Stipulation in New Proceeding

February 15, 2022    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant for creating a nuisance. Landlord claimed that tenant installed cameras in the building hallways surrounding his apartment. Tenant admitted that he had installed the...

Court Bans Tenant's Disruptive Visitor from Building

January 19, 2022    

Landlord sued tenant, seeking to stop tenant and his frequent guest from creating a nuisance in its apartment building. In December 2020, the court granted landlord's request for a preliminary injunction...

Landlord Gets Injunction Against Tenant's Objectionable Conduct

December 22, 2021    

Landlord sued loft tenant in State Supreme Court, seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctions, to stop tenant from all illegal and/or objectionable conduct in the building and his unit. Landlord claimed that...

Landlord's Request to Restore Nuisance Case to Court Calendar Was Made Too Late

December 14, 2021    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for creating a nuisance by maintaining his apartment in a horrible condition that substantially interfered with the comfort and safety of landlord and other tenants. Both sides were...

Tenant's Conduct Endangers Health and Safety of Residents

November 17, 2021    

Landlord sued to evict tenant, claiming that tenant breached his lease by engaging in objectionable and nuisance-type conduct and behavior on multiple occasions. Among other things, landlord sought a preliminary, as...