Tenant Must Pay for Water Damage Caused by Washing Machine

August 24, 2018    

Landlord sued former tenant in small claims court to recover $4,350, representing back rent, the cost of repairs needed when tenant's washing machine had caused water damage to landlord's apartment below, and...

Landlord Didn't Correctly Itemize Claimed Damage by Tenant

April 21, 2018    

Landlord sued former tenant in small claims court for the cost of replacing damaged carpet in the apartment after tenant moved out. The court ruled for landlord and awarded him $1,150. Tenant appealed and won. In a...

Tenant Can Videotape Landlord's Apartment Repair Work

January 18, 2017    

Tenant brought an HP proceeding against landlord in housing court to obtain apartment repairs, including abatement of a bathroom mold condition. The court ordered landlord to make repairs but denied tenant’s...

Landlord Fined for Contempt

November 18, 2013    

Tenant sued landlord, seeking correction of HPD violations in his apartment. Landlord initially failed to appear in court and later signed a court-ordered settlement agreement with tenant and HPD after tenant asked...