Landlord Can Raise Rent-Controlled Tenant's Rent for First-Time Painting

July 22, 2019    

Landlord applied to the DHCR for a rent increase after it painted rent-controlled tenant's apartment. The DRA ruled for landlord and increased tenant's maximum collectible rent (MCR) by $254.30 per month....

DHCR Approved Change of Stove from Gas to Electric

June 20, 2019    

The DRA granted landlord's 2018-2019 Maximum Base Rent (MBR) Order of Eligibility with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2018, because landlord complied with certification requirements for the biennial cycle. Rent-...

Landlord Gets $5 Monthly Rent Hike for Tenant's Air Conditioner

March 18, 2019    

Landlord applied to the DHCR for permission to increase rent-controlled tenant's rent by $5 per month based on tenant's installation of an air conditioner that extended beyond the apartment window line....

Landlord Cleared Sufficient Violations to Get Rent Increase

February 25, 2019    

Landlord applied for an increase in rent-controlled tenant's maximum base rent (MBR) for the 2018-2019 MBR increase cycle. The DRA ruled for landlord and increased the MBR as well as tenant's maximum...

IAI Increase Approved for Building Wall to Divide Living Room

January 28, 2019    

Tenant complained of rent overcharge. The DRA ruled for tenant, finding a total overcharge of $104, including interest. Tenant appealed and lost. The DRA had approved an individual apartment improvement (IAI) rent...

DHCR Increases Maximum Collectible Rent for Successor Tenant

January 27, 2019    

Landlord asked the DHCR to determine the legal rent-controlled rent for tenant after the housing court ruled in 2015 that he had succession rights as rent-controlled tenant's son. The DRA ruled that the Maximum...

Effective Date of MBR Increase Delayed Due to Late Filing of Violation Certification

November 25, 2018    

Landlord filed a violation certification with the DHCR on July 17, 2017, seeking establishment of the building's 2018-2019 maximum base rents (MBRs) for rent-controlled tenants. Landlord submitted an HPD list...

Landlord Gets 10 Percent Rent Hike for Each of Tenant's Roommates

October 22, 2018    

Landlord applied for a rent increase to rent-controlled tenant's maximum collectible rent (MCR) based on an increase in the number of adult occupants in tenant's apartment and claimed they weren't members...

Landlord Gets Rent Increase for First-Time Painting of Rent-Controlled Apartment

August 21, 2018    

Landlord asked the DHCR to increase rent-controlled tenant's maximum collectible rent based on painting of the apartment for the first time. Landlord claimed that painting wasn't previously a service included...

Landlord Entitled to Gas Surcharge Increases from Former Loft Tenant

June 26, 2018    

Landlord asked the DHCR for a ruling authorizing rent surcharges retroactive to July 1, 2006, based on tenant's gas usage for heat and cooking gas. Tenant's loft unit became subject to rent stabilization in...

Mitchell-Lama Tenants Seek Annulment of Rent Increases Ordered by HPD

June 25, 2018    

Mitchell-Lama tenants sued HPD after HPD authorized a 221 percent per room, per month rent increase and 2.5 percent increases for the following two years. Tenants claimed that HPD's decision didn't have a...

DHCR Must Raise Rent-Controlled Rent Based on Unique or Peculiar Circumstances

June 23, 2018    

(Decision submitted by Paul N. Gruber of the Manhattan law firm of Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, P.C., who represented the landlord.)