Tenant's Claim That HRA Didn't Provide Protective Services Dismissed

September 28, 2020    

Tenant sued HRA, Adult Protective Services (APS), the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA), and related entities in an Article 78 court proceeding, claiming that they didn't provide appropriate...

RSA Must Produce Membership Records in Its Case Against Tenant Group

August 18, 2020    

The Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), a landlord's advocacy organization, sued McKee and the Tenants Political Action Committee, Inc. (TPAC), claiming defamation. On May 2, 2018, McKee had attended a NY City...

Landlord Who Had Children with Tenant Must Refund HAP Benefits

July 24, 2020    

Landlord owned a two-family house and lived on the first floor. In 2001, landlord signed a housing assistance payment (HAP) contract with NYCHA based on the tenancy of a woman who lived with her two children on the...

Prospect Seeks Return of $500 Broker Fee for Unrented Apartment

June 24, 2020    

Prospective tenant sued landlord's real estate broker in small claims court, seeking return of $500 that she paid to the broker in connection with her potential rental of an apartment. Tenant claimed that she...

Former Tenant Gets No Reimbursement for Food Costs During Gas Outage

May 20, 2020    

Tenant sued former landlord in small claims court, seeking the return of her $2,000 security deposit, along with reimbursement of another $3,000 for costs she incurred for takeout food during five months that there...

Shareholder Gets Damages for Co-op Board's Bad Faith Failure to Approve Sale

April 28, 2020    

Shareholder tenant sued cooperative building's board of directors for refusing to approve proposed buyers of her apartment, and claimed that they acted in bad faith.

Court Revokes NYC Planning Commission's Approval of LES Skyscrapers

March 23, 2020    

Local community organizations, nonprofit groups, and residents of the "Two Bridges" neighborhood in Manhattan's Lower East Side (LES) filed an Article 78 court appeal, seeking annulment of the NYC...

Broker Was Entitled to 15 Percent Commission from Landlord

March 23, 2020    

Real estate broker sued landlord in small claims court after landlord failed to pay its commission for rental of an apartment. The court ruled for the broker and awarded $5,000 as the commission. Landlord appealed...

HPD Reasonably Ruled that Housing Applicant Was Over-Income

June 24, 2019    

HPD denied the application of prospective tenant for middle-income housing after finding that tenant had excessive household income and therefore didn't qualify. Tenant filed an Article 78 court appeal of HPD...

Neighboring Owners' Challenge to Opening of Homeless Shelter Denied

June 24, 2019    

Neighboring building owners filed an Article 78 court appeal of a decision by NYC's Department of Homeless Services and Human Resources Administration to open a homeless shelter in a building at 158 West 58th...

Tenant Claims Landlord's Visitor Policy Is Overly Restrictive

March 17, 2019    

Landlord sued to evict tenant of state-funded supportive housing for people with psychiatric disability and substance abuse problems. Landlord claimed that tenant violated a substantial obligation of his tenancy and...

Landlord Must Pay for Damage to Tenant's Personal Property

January 28, 2019    

Tenant sued landlord for damage to her personal property, as well as reimbursement for missing property. Tenant had been evicted as a result of an eviction proceeding based on nonpayment of rent but claimed that she...