Shareholder Tenant Began Renovating Apartment Without Prior Approval

April 28, 2020    

(Decision submitted by Paul N. Gruber of the Manhattan law firm of Borah, Goldstein, Altschuler, Nahins & Goidel, P.C., who represented the cooperative corporation).

Shareholder tenant sued...

Landlord Didn't Breach Settlement Concerning Property Held in Fire-Damaged Apartment

November 21, 2019    

(Decision submitted by Adam Leitman Bailey of the Manhattan law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey, P.C., attorneys for the landlord.)

Landlord Not Responsible for Unauthorized Work Done by Super

August 12, 2018    

An independent contractor who performed flooring work in tenant's apartment sued landlord for payment for the work and for actions by the building super, who assisted with the work. The court granted landlord...

Landlord Can Evict Co-op Shareholder Tenant for Unsafe Apartment Renovations

August 11, 2018    

Landlord sued to evict cooperative shareholder tenant for making unauthorized apartment renovations. Landlord and tenant signed a settlement agreement by which tenant agreed to hire a licensed and insured plumber,...

Court Upholds Tenant's Agreement to Temporarily Relocate During Construction

February 15, 2018    

Tenant sued landlord, claiming that tenant's temporary relocation agreement was void as it improperly waived tenancy benefits. Tenant claimed that she was forced out of her apartment for landlord to use as a...

Landlord Claims Tenant Won't Permit Repairs

October 28, 2017    

After sending a 10-day notice to cure, landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenants, claiming that they refused access to replace a non-working stove and defective living room shades. The court ordered repair dates...

Tenant Refuses to Relocate Within Building During Renovation

February 16, 2016    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized SRO tenant for refusing to relocate to a substantially similar unit under Rent Stabilization Code (RSC) Section 2524.3(g). Under that provision, landlord could send tenant a 20-...

Tenant Gets Costs of Apartment Repairs

April 16, 2014    

Tenant sued landlord in small claims court, seeking reimbursement for the cost of repairs tenant made to the apartment entrance door. The court ruled for tenant. Landlord appealed and lost. Tenant repaired the door...

Tenant Can't Stop Landlord from Renovating Apartment

September 17, 2013    

Tenant cooperative shareholder sued landlord co-op corporation, challenging the landlord's plan for renovation of her apartment and seeking to prevent waterproofing and facade repair work from going forward. The...