Occupant Doesn't Prove Succession Rights

LVT Number: #24510

Apartment occupant, who claimed succession rights after rent-stabilized tenant moved out, complained to the DHCR that landlord refused to give him a renewal lease in his own name. The DRA ruled against occupant, who appealed and lost. Occupant wasn't a family member as traditionally defined by the Rent Stabilization Code. So he was required to prove that he shared an emotional and financial commitment with tenant and lived with tenant in the apartment as his primary residence for at least two years before tenant moved out. But occupant never submitted the requested documentation to the DRA, including copies of canceled checks or rent receipts showing that he made claimed rent payments directly to landlord for two years before tenant moved out.

Zareian: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. XL410034RT (10/18/12) [3-pg. doc.]


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