NYCHA Illegally Locked Out Tenant's Grandson After Tenant Died

LVT Number: #30888

Tenant's grandson sued landlord NYCHA, claiming illegal lockout from his apartment. NYCHA claimed that the apartment was abandoned and that the grandson was an unauthorized occupant who hadn't lived in the apartment for the prior 30 days. But the grandson credibly testified in court that he moved into the apartment in 2001 with his grandfather, who was the tenant of record. He said he lived with tenant until tenant died in January 2018. At that time, the grandson attended college upstate and returned to the apartment as his residence on school breaks.

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Byas v. NYCHA: Index No. 801172/2020, NYLJ No. 1593546310 (Civ. Ct. Bronx; 6/26/20; Scott-McLaughlin, J)