Landlord Removed Floor-by-Floor Trash Collection

LVT Number: #24514

Tenants complained of a reduction of building-wide services after landlord restricted garbage collection to four floors in the building. Previously, landlord had garbage containers installed for floor-by-floor collection on all 21 floors. The DRA ruled for tenants and reduced their rents. Landlord appealed and won. Landlord had changed its trash collection system without DHCR permission in order to comply with ECB rules. Landlord had received an ECB violation for having trash containers in the building stairwells. Trash rooms on four floors now contained extra-large drop-in receptacles, and landlord's staff collected the trash more frequently. The rent reduction was revoked.

Tepler/Cambridge Development LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket Nos. ZH420021RT, ZH420023RO (10/5/12) [7-pg. doc.]


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