Landlord Improperly Deregulated and Overcharged Tenant of Hotel-Stabilized Apartment

March 14, 2018    

Tenant sued landlord, claiming rent overcharge and that his hotel-stabilized apartment had been improperly deregulated. Tenant moved into the apartment in 2012 and paid $3,600 per month under an unregulated lease....

Trial Must Decide Whether Hotel Unit Was Occupied by Permanent Tenant

January 26, 2018    

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant for nonprimary residence. Landlord asked the court to rule without a trial since tenant admitted he had moved out of the hotel-stabilized unit. The court ruled against...

City Can Block Short-Term Stays at Apartment Buildings Pending Lawsuit

April 12, 2013    

The City of New York sued landlords for deceptive trade practices under the consumer protection law, and for public nuisance. The city claimed that landlords operated a multi-tiered business that advertised, booked,...

Tenant Was Permanent Resident

June 30, 2006