DHCR Can't Order Landlord to Renew Garage Lease for Tenant's Son

August 24, 2018    

Rent-stabilized tenant's son complained to the DHCR that landlord refused to renew a renewal lease he had for a garage space in the building. The DRA ruled for the son, noting that landlord wasn't required to...

Landlord Can Terminate Co-op Tenant's Rental of Parking Space

May 27, 2018    

Landlord cooperative corporation sued to evict co-op shareholder tenant from a parking space that tenant rented from landlord on a month-to-month basis, after sending tenant a 30-day termination notice. Tenant...

Co-op Corporation Claims Sponsor Can't Surrender Parking Spaces with Apartment Shares

September 24, 2017    

Landlord cooperative corporation sued the sponsor who held unsold shares to certain apartments and garage spaces when the sponsor returned to the co-op shares of unsold parking spaces without returning apartment...