Landlord Can't Collect Fuel Cost Adjustment After June 14, 2019

March 18, 2020    

Rent-controlled tenant challenged the DRA's order that the monthly maximum collectible rent (MCR) was $3,752 effective Jan. 1, 2018; that the 2019 fuel cost adjustment (FCA) was $9.19 per room per month; and the...

Repeal of Fuel Cost Adjustments by HSTPA Is Effective as of June 14, 2019

January 28, 2020    

Rent-controlled tenant complained of rent overcharge. The DRA ruled against tenant, based on a 2017 order deciding tenant's prior overcharge complaint. That DRA order calculated tenant's legal rent up to July...

Landlord Gave Tenant Rent Credit for Fuel Cost Adjustment Overpayment

May 25, 2019    

Rent-controlled tenant complained that landlord improperly calculated her 2018-19 maximum base rent (MBR) and imposed fuel overcharges between May 2008 and June 2018. The DRA ruled against tenant after tenant didn...

Fuel Cost Adjustment Reduced Based on Incorrect Building Room Count

March 19, 2019    

Rent-controlled tenant challenged landlord's 2018 fuel cost adjustment (FCA) report, claiming that it was based on an incorrect building room count. The DRA agreed with tenant and corrected the 2018 FCA to $0.92...

2016 Fuel Cost Adjustments Suspended Where Landlord Didn't File Application

January 26, 2018    

In May 2016, the DRA issued a Notice of Commencement of Proceeding to Suspend Fuel Cost Adjustment 2016, stating that landlord hadn't filed a required fuel report by April 1, 2016, and that therefore the FCA...

Landlord Can't Collect Fuel Cost Adjustment

October 30, 2017    

Rent-controlled tenant challenged landlord's 2017 fuel cost adjustment (FCA) report. The DRA found that the FCA for 2017 was $2.55 per room per month but that the cumulative maximum FCA was -$6.75 per month....

Fuel Cost Adjustment Suspended Based on Incomplete 2016 Filing

June 26, 2017    

In 2016, the DHCR sent landlord a 20-day notice of commencement of proceeding to suspend 2016 fuel cost adjustments for two rent-controlled apartments in landlord's building and then revoked the FCAs after...

Landlord Can Credit FCA Overpayment to Tenant

March 24, 2014    

The DRA suspended fuel cost adjustments (FCA) for 2013 because landlord had previously obtained a fuel cost rent increase and hadn't filed a timely 2013 report of fuel price decrease. The DRA revoked the...

Landlord Calculated Fuel Cost Adjustment Incorrectly

October 15, 2013    

Rent-controlled tenant objected to landlord's 2013 fuel cost adjustment report. The DRA ruled for tenant, finding that landlord was collecting $98.55 per month while the legal fuel cost adjustment was $96.15....

Landlord Incorrectly Recalculated FCA

September 10, 2012