Co-op Tenant Claims Breach of Fiduciary Duty Based on Bedbug Infestation

July 27, 2018    

Cooperative shareholder tenant sued landlord co-op corporation and co-op board members, claiming that they breached their fiduciary duty after tenant had a bedbug infestation in his apartment. Tenant claimed that the...

Landlord's Ineffective Bedbug Treatment Didn't Violate Tenants' Constitutional Rights

May 27, 2018    

Building tenants complained about bedbugs in 2008. By 2013, the building had a severe infestation. Landlord hired an exterminator to treat individual apartments. Tenants complained that the chemical treatment method...

Landlord Can Return to Court If Bedbug Treatment Tenant Requested Doesn’t Work

March 14, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict tenant for unreasonably refusing access to the apartment in order to exterminate and remove bedbugs. Landlord’s termination notice stated that, although tenant claimed that she couldn...

Tenants Forced Out of Apartment by Bedbug Condition

February 11, 2013    

Former tenant roommates sued landlord in small claims court for return of the security deposit as well as for damage to their property resulting from a bedbug condition in the apartment. The court ruled for tenants,...

Second Inspection Wasn't Needed

July 31, 2000    

Termite Infestation

February 1, 2000