Super's Lease Agreement Gave Him Tenancy Rights After Employment Terminated

August 29, 2023    

Landlord sued to evict tenant, who was landlord's former employee. Landlord claimed that the tenancy was subject to employment, which had been terminated. Tenant argued that he had a five-year lease that...

Temporary Receiver Appointed to Operate Landlord's Buildings

April 27, 2020    

Landlord of several mortgaged buildings sought appointment during a court action of a temporary receiver to act on landlord's behalf while the case was pending. The court ruled for landlord, named a temporary...

Building Super Showed He Paid Rent and Was Therefore a Tenant

July 20, 2017    

Landlord sued to evict the building super from his apartment after the super's employment was terminated. The super claimed that he started working at the building in 1999 but soon thereafter was given a...

NYCHA Employee Fired for Not Securing Out-of-Service Elevators

June 24, 2015    

Former NYCHA employee filed an Article 78 appeal of NYCHA’s decision to terminate his employment based on disciplinary charges. The court ruled against the employee, finding that NYCHA’s decision was...

Property Manager Jailed for Embezzlement

March 19, 2015    

Property manager pleaded guilty to wire and bank fraud for embezzling funds from his employer condominium association and taking out an unauthorized loan in the association's name. The association had to raise...

Eviction Case Against Super Delayed

December 22, 2014    

Landlord sued to evict a live-in building super after the super's employment was terminated. The super asked the court to hold off on any ruling pending his claim filed with the Department of Labor for unlawful...

Rent-Stabilized Tenant Who Became Building Super Retained Tenancy Rights

March 20, 2014    

Landlord sued to evict the building superintendent from an apartment in the building after the super's employment was terminated. Landlord claimed that the super had an employment agreement and was permitted to...

Landlord Didn't Owe Former Super Overtime Wages

August 9, 2013    

Former building super sued landlord, claiming that landlord withheld overtime wages at time and one-half of his regular rate for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week. He also claimed that he was constructively...

Landlord Can Evict Building Super

March 31, 2011    

Doorman Fired for Leaving Post

March 1, 2011