One Third of Tenants Request Article 7A Administrator

August 24, 2018    

Tenant asked the court to appoint an Article 7A administrator to manage landlord's building. Landlord claimed that tenant didn't have the required participation of one third of building tenants to make this...

One-Third of Building Tenants Sought Appointment of 7-a Administrator

May 28, 2018    

Building tenants sued to seek appointment of an Article 7-a administrator to manage the building. Landlord asked for disqualification of tenants' attorneys based on an unsanctioned interaction with landlords...

Tenants Fail to Prove Need for 7A Administrator at Landlord's Building

November 28, 2016    

Tenants brought an HP proceeding against landlord, seeking appointment of a 7A administrator for their building. Landlord asked the court to dismiss the case after a hearing since only one tenant testified and there...

Landlord's 11th Motion to Remove 7A Administrator Denied by Court

August 17, 2016    

Tenants sued landlord, seeking appointment of an Article 7A administrator for their building. The court appointed a 7A administrator, and landlord later asked the court to remove the administrator and reinstate...

HPD Can Issue Loan to 7A Administrator

December 11, 2012    

Tenants sued landlord, seeking repairs. HPD was joined in the case, and an Article 7A Administrator appointed to manage the buildings sought a loan from HPD for repairs. The court ruled that HPD had the...

7-A Administrator Appointed

March 31, 2010    

Accounting of Funds Required

March 1, 1993    

Landlord in Process of Making Repairs

February 1, 1993