Tenant's Housekeeper Didn't Prove Succession Rights

LVT Number: #29863

Apartment occupant claimed succession rights to rent-stabilized apartment after tenant died. The DRA ruled against occupant who appealed and lost. Occupant claimed that she was a nontraditional family member. Landlord claimed that occupant had been tenant's housekeeper and therefore was a licensee now illegally occupying the unit. The DRA had found that occupant failed to present sufficient proof of the emotional and financial commitment and interdependence needed to prove a nontraditional family relationship. Occupant also submitted a notarized letter to the DHCR stating that she was withdrawing her PAR. The DHCR tried to verify the withdrawal, but occupant didn't respond to DHCR's communications. [Download PDF of decision here.]

Losada: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. FX110043RT (11/30/18) [2-pg. doc.]