Tenant Can't Vacate Prior Attorney's Consent to Judgment for Landlord

January 26, 2018
LVT Number: #28180

Fannie Mae, as landlord, sued to evict tenant in a post-foreclosure eviction proceeding. Landlord and tenant, represented by an attorney, signed a settlement agreement. Tenant agreed to move out in three months, and landlord waived rent for that period. Tenant later got a new attorney and asked the court to vacate the settlement agreement, claiming that he was completely ignorant of what occurred with his former attorney in court. Tenant also now claimed that the case was defective because landlord didn't attach the referee's deed to its court petition.

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Fannie Mae v. Cianciulli: Index No. 0481-17, NYLJ No. 1513822639 (City Ct. Westchester; 12/13/17; Seiden, J)