Tenant Can't Sue NYC or Its Mayor for Lead Paint Exposure Claim

LVT Number: #30270

Tenant sued landlord NYCHA, as well as the City of New York and Mayor DeBlasio, for damages she claimed arose from her child's exposure to lead paint in her apartment. Tenant claimed a pattern and policy of malfeasance; nonfeasance; and negligent, willful, and fraudulent acts, including NYCHA's noncompliance with federal and state lead paint laws and concealment of lead paint violations. The court granted the request by the city and the mayor to dismiss the case against them.

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Downing v. NYCHA: 64 Misc.3d 1218(A), 2019 NY Slip Op 51196(U) (Sup. Ct. Kings; 7/25/19; Boddie, J)