Staircase Work Didn't Constitute Major Capital Improvement

July 27, 2017
LVT Number: #27837

Landlord applied for MCI rent hikes based on installation of a new staircase. The DRA ruled against landlord, finding that the steel staircase frame, hand rails, railing, and posts weren't new installations. Landlord appealed and lost. It is DHCR policy that, for a staircase to be considered an MCI, the entire staircase, including all landings and risers, must be replaced. Landlord's contract proposal for the work described it as only the removal of existing steps and the installation of new iron steps with marble topping. 

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E & C Management, Inc.: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. ZK410038RO (5/10/17) [2-pg. doc.]