Rent-Controlled Tenant's Son Can't Get Apartment

LVT Number: #30745

Landlord sued to evict rent-controlled tenant's son, when tenant and his wife moved into a nearby Mitchell-Lama apartment. The son claimed succession rights. He said he grew up in the unit, then moved out, but moved back in with tenant at least two years before tenant vacated. The trial court ruled against the son, who appealed and lost. The son presented no documentary evidence that he lived in the apartment between January 1997 and January 1999. Testimony by the son and tenant's wife was inconsistent, faulty, and flawed.

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K&L Chan Realty Inc. v. Lee: 67 Misc.3d 130(A), 2020 NY Slip Op 50415(U)(App. T. 1 Dept.; 4/13/20; Shulman, PJ, Edmead, Torres, JJ)