Painting of New Garage Disallowed from Approved MCI Costs

LVT Number: #30230

The DRA partially granted landlord's MCI rent increase application for installation of a garage roof and related costs for the underground garage roof and surface parking lot. Landlord appealed and claimed, among other things, that the DRA improperly disallowed costs for painting and sidewalk replacement. The DHCR again denied any MCI increase for painting but reinstated mistakenly disallowed costs for DOB filing fees after landlord verified that it didn't seek an MCI increase for those fees.

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Kyoto Leasing LP, Singapore Leasing LP, Bali Leasing LP & Mandalay Leasing LP: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. HM110014RP (5/24/19) [7-pg. doc.]