No MCI Increase for Lobby Renovations

LVT Number: #30905

Landlord of the LeFrak City housing complex applied for MCI rent increases for four buildings with a separate connecting lobby structure based on lobby renovations. The DRA ruled for landlord in part but disallowed some claimed costs for lobby renovations, sidewalk work, and work not directly related to driveway and walkway work. The DRA found that these costs were "not MCI eligible." Landlord then filed an Article 78 court appeal, claiming that the DHCR's ruling was arbitrary and unreasonable.

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Sydney Leasing, LP v. DHCR: Index No. 2019-03462, 2020 NY Slip Op 04172 (App. Div. 2 Dept.; 7/22/20; Mastro, JP, Cohen, Christopher, Wooten, JJ)