New Landlord Doesn't Prove Tenant Must Sign Renewal Lease

LVT Number: #29822

Landlord sued to evict rent-stabilized tenant, claiming that tenant failed to sign an offered renewal lease. Landlord claimed that it bought the building in a foreclosure sale, didn't receive lease documentation upon purchase, and requested leases from tenants. Tenant sent landlord a 2014 lease indicating a $1,100 preferential rent, and a 2016 lease with a $750 preferential rent. Landlord claimed that this was fraudulent or executed after it bought the building.

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USD 215 W. St. LLC v. Haynes: Index No. L&T61934/17, NYLJ No. 1542443645 (Civ. Ct. NY; 11/8/18; Katz, J)