Landlord, Tenant LLC, and LLC Member All Responsible for Overcharge Refund to Subtenant

LVT Number: #30050

Subtenant complained of illusory prime tenancy and rent overcharge by tenant. Tenant had rented more than one apartment from landlord since 1995. The DRA ruled for subtenant and found an overcharge totaling $201,593. The DRA ordered landlord to give subtenant a vacancy lease. And the DRA ruled that tenant, an LLC, as well as an individual who was a member of the LLC were jointly and severally liable for refund of the overcharge. There was no proof that landlord had collected more than the legal rent from tenant.

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333 East 49th Partnership, LP et al.: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. GW410004RP (2/28/19) [5-pg. doc.]