Landlord Responsible for Tenant's Illegal Conversion of One-Family Dwelling

June 26, 2017
LVT Number: #27740

DOB issued violation notices, including a vacate order, to landlord for illegally altering a single-family dwelling into four SRO units. At a hearing, DOB's investigator testified that the SRO rooms were locked, all shared common bathrooms and a kitchen, and that he spoke with occupants who had toiletries, TVs, beds, and food, and said that they paid rent. Landlord claimed that he rented the house to one tenant and he didn't know it had been converted. The occupants had already moved out and removed their key locks. Landlord had restored the premises to its proper condition.

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Firik: ECB App. No. 1700333 (5/18/17) [3-pg. doc.]