Landlord Must Pay HPD Over $30,000 for Failing to Repair Conditions

LVT Number: #28106

Tenant sued landlord, seeking removal of housing violations. The court issued an interim order directing landlord to correct class B violations. Tenant later asked the court to hold landlord in contempt for failing to comply with that order. Tenant credibly testified that he offered landlord numerous opportunities to repair conditions in his apartment. Conditions included a long-term leak at the front bedroom ceiling and entrance door to the apartment. There were also problems with kitchen cabinets, floors, the entrance door, and a bathroom door off the hinges.

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Pinchback v. Foreman: Index No. 3178/2016, NYLJ No. 1512342652 (Civ. Ct. Kings; 11/13/17; Chinea, J)