Landlord Can't Avoid $87,000 Fine for Tenant's Short-Term Rentals

LVT Number: #30715

Landlord sued DOB, seeking removal of fines, penalties, and violations issued by DOB since December 2017 based on illegal short-term apartment rentals. Landlord had been fined a total of $87,000 since that time. Landlord argued that it didn't know that the tenant of two apartments on separate floors engaged in Airbnb rentals of the units. The court ruled against landlord. The fact that tenant, not landlord, may have operated the illegal short-term rentals wasn't a defense to DOB violations issued to landlord.

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Richard Breslaw Family LP v. DOB: 2020 NY Slip Op 30440(U), NYLJ No. 1582358090 (Sup. Ct. NY; 2/14/20; Love, J)