Landlord Can Seek Eviction of Loft Tenant Due to Chronic Nonpayment of Rent

LVT Number: #30265

Landlord sued to evict loft tenant for chronic nonpayment of rent. Tenant asked the court to dismiss the case without trial. Landlord, in turn, asked the court to rule in its favor without trial. Tenant claimed that landlord couldn't seek eviction for chronic nonpayment under the Loft Law. But, since compliance with the Loft Law would result in issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy and ultimately conversion of the unit into a rent-stabilized apartment, Loft Board Regulation No.

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Malach v. Challen: Index No. L&T52757/19, 2019 NY Slip Op 29179 (Civ. Ct. Kings; 6/14/19; Wang, J)