Isolated Stains on Common Area Carpeting Don't Warrant Rent Reduction

LVT Number: #30255

Tenants complained of a reduction in building-wide services. The DRA ruled for tenants and reduced their rents. The DRA found that there were stains on the building's common area carpeting. Landlord appealed and argued that the carpet stains were de minimis--that is, minor--and didn't warrant a rent reduction. The DHCR ruled for landlord. The DHCR's inspector had found three separate, isolated carpet stains in an eight-floor, 251-unit building. Rent Stabilization Code Section 2523.4(e) lists "isolated stains on otherwise clean carpets" as a de minimis condition that doesn't warrant a rent reduction. [Download PDF of decision here.]

Clinton Mgmt. LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. GP210031RO (5/2/19) [2-pg. doc.]