Groton Nuisance Law Found Invalid by Court

LVT Number: #27787

The Groton Village Board of Trustees passed the Property and Building Nuisance Law (Local Law No. 4 of 2014) to establish various methods by which a property could be identified as a public nuisance. The law included a system by which points were assigned for various forms of conduct, ranging from 2 points for minor offenses to 12 points for certain Penal Law violations. A property accumulating at least 12 points in six months or 18 points in a year would be deemed a public nuisance. The owner would then be given a chance to abate the nuisance or face civil fines.

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Board of Trustees of the Village of Groton v. Pirro: 2017 NY Slip Op 04938, 2017 WL 2587813 (App.. Div. 3d Dept.; 6/15/17; Peters, PJ, Garry, Lynch, Clark, Aarons, JJ)