Ex-Husband Hid Divorce and Tenant's Move-out from Landlord for 20 Years

LVT Number: #30246

Landlord sued to evict apartment occupant after rent-stabilized tenant moved out. The occupant claimed succession rights as tenant's husband. The court ruled for landlord after trial. The occupant appealed and lost. Occupant was tenant's ex-husband and engaged with her in a systematic pattern of deception purposefully concealing occupant's status for over 20 years. The occupant never informed landlord that he and tenant had divorced in 1987 or that tenant had moved to Florida in the 1990s. The husband also signed tenant's name on renewal leases and money orders after she moved out, and claimed that he was still tenant's husband, long after they were legally divorced and residing separately. 

186 Norfolk LLC v. Euvin: 63 Misc.3d 160(A), 2019 NY Slip Op 50890(U) (App. T. 1 Dept.; 6/6/19; Shulman, PJ, Gonzalez, Edmead, JJ)