DTF Verified That Tenant's Income Was Below Deregulation Threshold

LVT Number: #28094

Landlord applied for high-rent/high-income deregulation of tenant's apartment in 2013 when tenant's legal rent was over $2,500 per month and sought verification as to whether tenant's annual household income was more than $200,000 in 2011 and 2012. Tenant responded and submitted income tax information showing that her income was below the deregulation threshold. The DRA ruled against landlord, finding that because tenant's apartment was rent-controlled, the apartment remained regulated and ineligible for luxury deregulation after J-51 tax benefits expired at the building.

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Walsam 240 Owner, LLC: DHCR Adm. Rev. Docket No. FR420058RO (10/25/17) [4-pg. doc.]