Court Quashes Landlord's Trial Subpoenas

Court Quashes Landlord's Trial Subpoenas

LVT Number: #28369

Landlord sued to evict tenant. The court granted tenant's request to quash subpoenas landlord sent to non-parties seeking records relevant to eviction issues. Landlord asked to reargue the request, seeking a different decision. Landlord admitted that it didn't notify tenant's attorney of the items received in response to the subpoenas because it wanted to review them first to determine if they could be used for trial. The court found that this conduct went against the letter and spirit of laws governing trial subpoenas.

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RPN Mgmt. Co. v. Gonzalez: Index No. 78200/2014, NYLJ No. 152098627 (Civ. Ct. NY; 3/1/18; Stoller, J)