City Didn't Give Section 8 Tenant Pre-Termination Hearing

LVT Number: #30338

Tenant sued the City of New Rochelle, which administered tenant's federal Section 8 rent subsidy. The city informed tenant by a May 2018 letter that her Section 8 subsidy was terminated. But then, despite June 8 and July 30 letters from tenant disputing the termination, the city didn't schedule a hearing. Tenant's Article 78 lawsuit was filed in State Supreme Court was transferred to federal court. The court ordered the city to hold a hearing on tenant's Section 8 due process claim under 24 CFR Section 982.555.

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Hardee v. City of New Rochelle Section 8 Housing Agency: Index No. 18 CV 11215, NYLJ No. 1565182335 (SDNY; 8/5/19; Briccetti, DJ)